Multi-State Community Mental Health Service Provider Relies on Healthcare Talent Advisors to Recruit Executive Team

Founded in 1965 in Oakland, California, Telecare began as a modern psychiatric hospital. Since then it has grown into California’s largest behavioral health provider, offering community mental health services across 32 counties in California and 7 other states, with more than 3,000 employees and 30,000 individuals served yearly.

As such a large and dynamic company, rooted in California’s Bay Area, openings in Telecare’s executive team must be carefully filled. Telecare leaders need not only impressive experience or backgrounds, but a strong cultural and value match–people who understand California’s marketplace, needs, and ideals.

The Challenge

Because the requirements for executive positions in the company were so specific and essential, Telecare struggled to find ideal matches. Filling key executive roles was extremely challenging as the company searched for candidates who fit well into the leadership team and culture.

Additionally, most leaders at Telecare had incredible longevity, not leaving until retirement, leaving big shoes to fill. Their incoming hires needed to get up to speed quickly, and step into a role that was already clearly-established, even distinguished.

As Telecare continued to grow, its leaders also needed to be incredibly agile, ready to take on emerging technology, rules and regulations, additional challenges, and developing new systems.

With little wiggle-room for mistakes, the pressure to find the right person for the role the first time weighed heavy on the company, even slowing their lengthy process. They knew they needed to bring in an expert to help expedite the process.

The Solution

Healthcare Talent Advisors’ Greg Hyman began each job search for a Telecare leader by compiling a complete picture of what the role entailed. By interviewing key stakeholders like supervisors, peers, and direct reports, he formed a description of the position that didn’t just include duties or required experience, but also dug into the culture of the position–the personality and leadership requirements, attitudes and best practices that would be most likely to succeed at Telecare.

With the position description in place, Greg turned to his extensive network of multi-site healthcare leaders. He created a presentation about the company to pitch to interested applicants, and compiled materials to send to candidates about Telecare and the position. He reached out to potential candidates he knew could be a good fit, and targeted leaders on recruiting platforms to further expand the search.

Once applicants began showing interest, Greg conducted preliminary interviews, compiling extensive notes about each applicant, along with his own analysis of their potential to succeed at Telecare. After creating a short list of applicants to present to Telecare, he conducted additional interviews–both to prep the applicant for Telecare, and to prep Telecare for the applicant.

After initial interviews with Telecare, Greg acted as the intermediary between the parties, helping to debrief and communicate, negotiate terms, and complete reference checks. In essence, Greg was the engine to the hiring process, helping move the process along to a satisfactory end.

The Result

With help from Healthcare Talent Advisors, Telecare has successfully hired key players of its leadership team, including the Senior VP of Information Technology, the Senior VP of Operations, and the Senior VP of Business Development.

Not only have these leaders had staying power, but they’ve also led Telecare into continued growth, increasing the company’s revenue and hiring their own powerhouse teams, ensuring Telecare’s continued growth and success.

Working with Healthcare Talent Advisors has helped Telecare hire leadership faster, more successfully, and with renewed confidence, knowing that they’re working with someone who understands and honors their rich history, roles, values, and culture.