How an Executive Search Recruiter Can Help You Land Your Ideal Healthcare Position

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today–so why should you stop now? With the shifts in the labor market, it makes sense for you to look at your work today and evaluate if you’re content with your current situation.

In an interview with Forbes, Dave Opton, founder of ExecuNet, said Whether executives have chosen to leave or stay, the pandemic has provided senior-level professionals an opportunity to evaluate their long-term career goals and priorities. At the executive level, it is not so much the story of the Great Resignation as the Great Reevaluation. Executives are assessing their work-lives and pondering their options for the next great chapter in their careers.

They want to be excited about work again. Many executives seem to be open to moving jobs and locations, even exploring different career paths, if it means finding work that is fulfilling to them. They are reimagining what their work lives could be.”

If that rings true to you, and you’re ready to make a change, now is the perfect time to connect with an executive recruiter. 

Here are 3 reasons why working with an Executive Recruiter will help you find just the position you’re looking for.

1. Connections. Connections. Connections.

As an active member of the healthcare community, executive recruiters work hard to create a vast network of institutions and organizations, especially in the c-suite. Not only do they have robust working relationships with these organizations, but they’ve got their ears to the figurative ground about which organizations have open positions, both now and in the future.

When you connect with an executive recruiter, you’ll have access to this network of potential employers. Even if you’re just thinking about moving jobs, an executive recruiter can put out feelers for you, subtly alerting you to available opportunities without disrupting your current position. With the power of information in your hands, you can make the right choice for your career and transition smoothly between jobs, or even leverage your opportunities at your current position.

2. Personalized service

An executive recruiter is interested in more than just your resume or CV. The best recruiters get to know you on a personal level–your life experience, your lifestyle and culture preferences, the areas in the country that you prefer to live, etc–so that they can match you with exactly the right job. By the same token, recruiters take a deep dive into the culture and values of the hiring organization to ensure that you align well with the workplace.

This hands-on, high-touch experience helps to ensure that once you find a new position that it will be successful from day 1. Recruiters have a vested interest in your success, so they will not try to place you in the first position available, rather, they’ll work with you to find a place where you can find personal and professional satisfaction with the opportunities you need to grow and succeed.

3. Communication

An executive recruiter acts as a facilitator between you and the potential employer. They’ll be your first contact for interviews, will explain the position to you, answer your questions, and give you helpful feedback during the application process. If an offer is extended to you, they’ll also assist in salary and benefits negotiations as well as onboarding.

Think of your recruiter as your inside source–they know this new position and company inside and out–sometimes even better than some people within the organization. They are a go-to contact for the real scoop, a place you can ask questions, air concerns, and get follow-up information. They’re also a resource you can trust–after all, if they thought you were a bad fit for the job, they wouldn’t have suggested you! If you’re ready to explore your options for a new position in multi-site healthcare organizations, we would love to help. Schedule a free consultation to tell us about your career goals and learn how Healthcare Talent Advisors executive recruiting can help.