4 Advantages to Outsourcing Your Executive Search

When recruiting at the executive level, it is critical that your organization invest significant time and effort in finding and vetting the right candidates for executive search. Leadership transition is a disruptive process that you do not want to get muddied further by hiring the wrong person for the role. Frequent turnover is bad for any position in your organization, but it is especially damaging when it occurs at the executive level.

No Need to Struggle with Your Executive Search

Here are four reasons why outsourcing your executive search will help you avoid these recruiting pitfalls.

1. Take the Hunt for New Leadership off Your Crowded To-do List

When a board of directors or top executive begins searching for candidates for an open c-suite role, it can rapidly become a full-time job. As a key decision-maker in your organization, you are likely overextended as it is. Adding the title of “headhunter” to your already overflowing schedule is not an appealing option for anyone who wants to maintain some semblance of a work-life balance.  Partnering with an executive search firm can help you protect your time by outsourcing a great deal of the recruiting process to an experienced professional. You are still an active participant in the process, but you are not subject to a variety of steps that lay the foundation for a fruitful search.  An executive recruiter helps you distill your organizational needs down into a viable job opening and begin the process of tapping into the vast network of top talent that is available for your open role. This brings us to the next benefit to hiring an executive recruiter.

2. Discover Untapped Networks of Qualified Candidates

Company executives recruiting for key leadership roles need a diverse network if they want to find qualified candidates. However, many professionals find that their networks are far more limited than they realized once the search begins.  It is tempting to rely solely on casting a wide net using online job search databases or through recruiting resources on LinkedIn or other social platforms. Unfortunately, those types of efforts may not yield the same quality candidates that a more direct search might. If they do, you’ll have to invest a lot of time separating qualified from unqualified.  An experienced executive recruiter offers an established network — or several networks — of dynamic talent they can tap into during the search process. They can connect with newly-available and soon-to-be available talent, all while remaining discreet. Here at Healthcare Talent Advisors, for example, we have three decades of serving as a partner to healthcare executives who want the right leadership for their company. In that time, we have developed extensive connections we utilize to develop a solid candidate list and offer the most value to our clients.

Executive Recruiter

3. Showcase Your Company to Qualified Candidates During the Executive Search

Recruiting is not a one-way street. Companies searching for executive candidates also bear the burden of having to market the company to prospective employees. Why would someone with every desirable qualification want to work with you? What do you provide that makes your offer significantly better than the other offers they are receiving from competing organizations?  Outsourcing your search to a recruiter provides you with a brand ambassador intent on selling you as the right company for the right candidate. Do you have a great corporate culture? Solid benefits? Telework options? Your recruiter will tout your benefits to candidates and ensure you have the edge.  Even better, these candidates are vetted before any move is made, making them automatically more receptive to your offer. Healthcare Talent Advisors refers to this as the identification, communication, and nurture system. It transforms a difficult and costly experience into a smooth and effective process.

4. Find the Right Match For Your Unique Organization

Your organization is based on certain guiding principles and has its own culture and values. If a candidate doesn’t sync with those values, it doesn’t matter how qualified they are for the position–it would be a bad fit. That’s why it’s so important to look beyond the resume and learn about who the candidate is, what makes them tick, and how they approach their work.  A recruiter is a crucial guide through this process. They will create a picture of your company from an outsider’s perspective to not just understand organizational needs and job requirements, but also to get a true sense of the DNA of the company. They can communicate that culture to applicants and gauge if a candidate is a good fit for this essential piece of the puzzle.

Don’t Let the Perfect Candidate Pass You By

Outsourcing your executive search is a proven way to hire the best in your business and put them to work for you. It protects the time of valuable leadership without sacrificing the search in the process. It also provides you with talent you may never have engaged with if not for the expansive networks available to your recruiter. The guidance in how you represent yourself to candidates and how you navigate the hiring process is also invaluable.  If you are about to launch an executive search or have already begun a search using in-house resources that are not yielding results, schedule a call with Healthcare Talent Advisors. We can help you navigate this complex process in a way that benefits both the company and the candidate.